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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Medical Battery Committed by Dr. Robert Cohen, MD, F.A.C.S. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon - Board Certified NOT Always A Deterent for Poor Service

Nipples are a sensitive part of a woman’s body, when Dr. Robert Cohen performed my bilateral breast reduction, he never counseled me that he would be "trimming" a portion of my areolas down. He did discuss with me that the incision he would use would encircle my areolas and then lead downward toward my abdomen, so he could trim away the unwanted and unsightly excess breast tissue skin (not areolas) in order to reshape my mammary mounds.

However, I was astonished to learn my areolas had been trimmed down. I was of the thought process that the only thing he would be doing as far as my areola's were concerned, was to trim away the excess fatty breast tissue and skin. That the only reason for the incisions around the areola's was to access the skin areas underneath and around them and to place them in their new areas on the breast for symmetry, so I did not give it any other thought until I reviewed my medical records which I needed and wanted for personal reasons.

I never consented to this procedure prior to surgery. We never discussed it. I was not aware that this was part of the breast reduction process and I've learned sense that it is NOT actually part of it, it can be done during the procedure IF requested and does alleviate the patient wanting it done, not to have to undergo a separate surgical procedure to take care of this for her. But what if you didn't want it? Or, never thought about it before? Dr. Cohen made this unilateral decision for me of his own accord, while in the course of operating on me while I was unconscious and unable to consent, based on his opinion alone of what looked best even though there was no medically therapeutic necessity to do so.

I wish he would have consulted me so I would have had the opportunity to discuss how much areola tissue he was contemplating removing, to provide me the option to decline, as I had no issues with my areola's or nipples prior to surgery and they play a huge role in my sexual pleasure, so I most likely would have weighed that option very carefully before agreeing or not. This was a risk not worth taking! As I've had problems you can see by this blog with both breasts areola's and nipples from this surgery, which I attribute to my lack of informed consent for a procedure added to my surgery by Dr. Cohen, which has gone horribly wrong.

He only said he would cut around them (not cut them down) to access the other part of my breast tissue and he assured me that they would not be detached from the underlying tissue, to try to preserve the nerve endings. However, there would always be a risk that I could lose sensation or lose sensitivity to the nipples. So, I thought that was the risk in regards to my areola's and nipples during the surgery that I was undertaking.

As an "A" personality individual had Dr. Cohen advised me of this "trimming" of my areola's I would have delved into the amount of trimming, what size would he be aiming to maintain, would or could this have caused me any issues with my areola's or nipples, in other words, could I end up with developing any other complications not so far discussed by him doing this additional procedure?

But for his lack of discussing this with me and providing me the opportunity to decide the full impact of the risk I was willing to undertake he essentially committed medical battery on me. I suffer every day from his lack of remorse and care as to my end result of hypersensitivity pain that still exists today. I thought I had investigated this procedure thoroughly but when surgeons take it into their own hands to add unknown to the patient procedures while the patient is unconscious, there was no way for me to consent or investigate this prior to.

Make sure you discuss ALL facets of your impending operation with your surgeon because if you don't you will end up with the breasts he may like but you have to live with and don't like as much as he does. And, reiterate for the surgeon you do not consent to him adding any further elective procedures not discussed with you prior to you being anesthetized.

Informed Consent is critical when being cut into don't allow Dr. Robert Cohen to commit Medical Battery on you as you did on me...Take Charge Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

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